Increasing Overall Health With Nutritional Supplements

For years now we have heard that supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals will help us to be healthier by providing our bodies with foods that are not received by the foods we eat. The media have documented the many studies that have been conducted to conclude that vitamin and mineral supplements are beneficial to our health. As most of us have been led to believe, over-the-counter CLA Safflower Oil Review supplements can be beneficial to our health if they are taken as prescribed. The marketing of some supplements makes them sound like these products are excellent remedies that can eliminate certain health conditions. Some companies even claim that their products are the only ones that contain certain key ingredients or are manufactured using unique methods. 

Are these statements really valid though? Do these products really provide your body and your cells with vital nutrients that are necessary for optimum health? The shocking truth is that most supplements that are sold in stores are not beneficial to your health as you claim! In fact, they can even be quite harmful in certain circumstances. First, almost all vitamin and mineral supplements sold in supermarkets and pharmacies contain ingredients that are synthetic. This means that they are not natural and have been formulated in a laboratory somewhere. Another important point is that synthetic supplements contain vitamins and minerals that are only fractions of actual nutrients. It’s almost like getting just 6 eggs in a carton of 12 eggs. Therefore, most supplement products that are sold at a pharmacy, grocery store or any other supplement store will contain these synthetic nutrients and are not complete vitamins and minerals factors.

The Dangers of Synthetic Nutrients!

There have been studies done to show that many people who ingest synthetic supplements have these pills still in their digestive tract somewhere. If a supplement is all-natural and in the form of complete food, then this will never happen since the body easily and easily processes the ingredients accordingly because they are recognizable to the cells. When an ingredient is foreign (synthetic), the body does not know what to do with it many times and can sit in its system indefinitely. Do not let this happen to you! God created fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, roots and marine plants to supply our bodies with all the nutrients our cells need for optimum health. These whole foods given by God are the only true source of nutrients that our bodies recognize and benefit from. Through photosynthesis and other divine processes, these natural foods extract nutrients from the soil through their roots and convert them into a form that our bodies can recognize and absorb. Synthetic supplements can cause harm to a person. If taken in the long term, the remains of these synthetics can be stored in a person’s joints and cause arthritic conditions and other problems in the joints.

They can even be stored in the liver or kidneys and cause deposits that affect your overall health. In addition, in an attempt to process these synthetic nutrients, the body will actually use vitamins and minerals to try to remove these unrecognizable compounds. It makes no sense to take a product that will take away vital nutrients when you are trying to receive these nutrients in the first place. Therefore, most products on the market are a waste of money and can hurt you. In addition, supplements purchased in the store are usually made with ingredients such as artificial colors, crude oils, coal tar, pesticides and other contaminants that can be toxic to your cells. Many of the products you see on the market have also been sitting on a shelf for indefinite periods of time. Some products on the shelf may be years old. I would highly recommend staying away from such products. You need to learn how to read labels if you are to find a good supplement, but as I have discovered there are not many in most stores.

Your body can only recognize and absorb substances that are both natural and in the form of whole foods. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients in perfect proportions and proportions. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, bioflavonoids and other nutrients are in perfect balance in these foods. Your cells can only be nourished with the perfect proportions and proportions of these whole natural foods. God knows best! Most supplements contain isolated nutrients, synthetic nutrients, and inadequately combined nutrients. You can not take individual nutrients from many sources and then combine them into one supplement. This is how many of the supplements on the market are manufactured. This combination and manufacturing method results in a product that is not useful or healthy for your cells. Even if a supplement contains all natural ingredients, it may not be serving well. Nature and whole foods have the perfect combination and proportions of nutrients. When you start to pull vitamins here and minerals from many sources, destroy these combinations of unique nutrients and the proportions that your cells require for proper assimilation and absorption.

As an analogy, let us take water for example. The molecular structure of water is H20. In this perfect structure, you have a compound that is vital to life. Now, let’s take the H2 away from O (oxygen) and you get 2 separate compounds. Hydrogen alone can be very dangerous and highly explosive. Oxygen under certain circumstances can also be very dangerous and explosive. Before the separation of Hydrogen and Oxygen, we had a substance that was very nutritious. After separation, we have two volatile compounds that no longer feed their cells as before. As you can see in this simple example, you can not enter and start separating substances because it changes not only the molecular structure but also the health benefits of a particular compound.

Food Supplements

Creating a complete food supplement is a very complex process. There are many factors to consider when making a nutrition product. There are not many companies in the world that can create a complete nutritional supplement that retains all the natural components needed for their cells. My “motto” is if you are going to spend money on nutritional supplements, then buy those that are in the form of whole foods and benefit your health. Why do you want to lose your money on inferior products, synthetic compounds, toxic fillers and insulated nutrients? Just buy the best and you will feel the results! So, are there any nutritional supplements that are good for you and provide the benefits that are claimed? Well, through my personal experience and extensive research, there are not many products out there that can provide nutrients in the form of complete food that is required by your cells.